Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today's food

I was just thinking about how the title of this blog is "My Food Journal" and aren't journals supposed to be more day-to-day than just new recipes I make up once in a long while? So though I will spare all of you with boring pictures of cereal for breakfast, when I have something I like I will post it:) Other than when I go out to eat. That might be awkward, carrying a huge digital SLR around with me. Not that there is much glamorous eating out around these parts. But I meant things I make anyway. So here is my food journal so far today.

Banana Oat Muffins

So I've posted this recipe on the blog before. But I didn't have cream cheese (or baking soda ... so pathetic) and I didn't want to run to the store for one thing, what with gas prices these days! I thought I'd try to be innovative and work with what I already have in my kitchen. I discovered fat free vanilla yogurt, so I replace the cream cheese with that. And what a pleasant surprise! It added a little sweetness and tartness and they turned out SOOOOO rich and moist. So I am even tempted now to say take out the cream cheese altogether and use fat free vanilla yogurt instead. I substituted 1 C for 1 package of cream cheese. And for the crumble, I used one rounded Tablespoon on top or each. I thought I'd try something different by packing the crumble topping and putting a ball of it on top. I thought it looked cool and this way it didn't fall off everywhere, but Blake was disappointed that some bites didn't have the topping. So I don't reccomend this method. Just use a tablespoon of crumble topping and evenly sprinkle it on each muffin.

Power Lunch!
Protein Crazy Sandwiches (that I only get to eat when I'm alone)
Since being pregnant I've tried to eat the things I love and learn to be a little healthier and more balanced as I do so. And since I gave Blake the rest of the ginger chicken from last night, I decided to enjoy food that he won't eat with me for my own lunch. And boy, it was worth giving up my chicken!

This sandwich was inspired by the the sandwich that Adam Sandler makes in "Spanglish". I remember after watching the movie, I couldn't get that meal out of my mind and Megan, my roommate at the time, told me the same thing. So we made similar sandwiches and they were sooooo good! Unfortunately I didn't have parsley, which was sorely missed. So if you try to make it yourself, don't forget to add parsley to your shopping list. You won't be disappointed!

2 slices homemade french bread loaf
2 eggs
light Hellman's mayo (a.k.a. "best food's")
2 slices oven roasted turkey
4 thin slices tomato
2 slices colby jack cheese
a little butter

tooth picks. You will need them!
  1. Cut each slice of bread in half and toast to desired darkness. (I like it pretty crispy) Butter the bread and spread mayo on one side.
  2. Meanwhile, fry the eggs to desired doneness. (I like the yolk pretty runny still)
  3. Layer cheese, turkey, egg, and tomato (I like the tomato to touch the mayo side) on the slices of bread, place toothpicks in place to hold the sandwich together, and cut sandwiches in half.

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Katie said...

These look lovely, and I think I'll have to try them, but what I'm really wondering is this: are those the kids plates from IKEA? They are very awesome. We've got 'em and love 'em.