Monday, September 28, 2009

golden day

My cute husband celebrated his golden birthday today, so I knew I had to make it a special day for him. I decorated in gold and made him gold food all day. They were all old favorites, so I kept forgetting to take pictures, but thankfully I have all of the recipes on this blog. We started the day out with this favorite golden cinnamon rolls. After church we had golden frittata with potatoes, onions, and kielbasa. For dinner we had, per his request, golden からあげ, or Japanese fried chicken (pictured below)
and for dessert, the ever so irresistable creme brulee. Nothing quite like creme brulee. I realize he didn't get a cake, but I'm pretty sure he was ok with that.


Techno Kath said...

Lillian! I just discovered (mostly because I'm lazy) that you have a FABULOUS food blog. This is AMAZING and I am definitely going to steal some of your ideas.

Ben and Celeste said...

Hmm, it all sounds so divine! That Blake's a lucky man. And btw, you're so creative. Good thing Ben had his golden birthday at 15, because if it were up to me I'd probably only have the brains to think of a "golden" yellow cake mix. Happy birthday Blake!