Friday, June 5, 2009

have you ever tried this?

I don't drink much carbonation. In fact, I don't really like it. Except for my occasional San Pellegrino and good ol' ginger ale with lemon on the air plane. Well, and root beer floats, but does that even count as carbonation? It's so creamed up that it doesn't even really sparkle anymore. Anyway, we had pizza again tonight, and since it's Friday we decided to have a movie night. And movie night/pizza night means I'm allowed my cheat food for the week. Which means the chocolate, ice cream, soda, pizza, it all comes out to play. And as we were at Target doing some grocery shopping, we walked by soda isle and decided we want root beer floats. But then I saw that my favorite Canada Dry ginger ale was on sale, so I thought I'd better get it, using the excuse that soda bottles are the best for water food storage. (yup, it's true! So go out and buy your soda bottles and when you're done, fill 'em with water and you've done something good for your family!) But then as we approached the ice cream isle, I saw the beautiful Haagen Daz zesty lemon sorbet and a thought popped into my head. Ginger ale lemon sorbet float! And it was goooooooooooood.
But I don't recommend making it with any cheap lemon sherbet or anything like that. I liked the real lemon flavor of the Haagen Daz. It wouldn't work too well with a treat that has "lemon flavor" written on the side. Just my little input. Now go out and try it for yourself!

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