Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Beginning

My sister suggested starting a "foodie blog" since I love to make food and take pictures of it. And since she is my inspiration and my teacher when it comes to cooking, I thought I'd better do it. So I tribute this whole blog to her. She taught me everything I know. And to my sweet husband who always tries my little experiments and puts up with my mistakes.
I've always been afraid of starting a blog, not confident that people would care to
read a journal I've posted on the internet, but who doesn't like food, right? So why not share my passion for food with everyone else around me. I decided to share my favorite new recipes that I've created or borrowed and altered and post them to share with all of you! So here I go, on my new food journey.


Lisa and Justin Allen said...

I love it! I'm glad you included recipes, and the photos are amazing. I'm going to check on it periodically and use your recipes so I hope you keep it up! -Lisa

Rebekah said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Rebekah has been waiting so long for this to happen. Rebekah is so excited.

Dan said...

Amazing photos, I guess cause the food looks amazing, but the photos are awesome.

Ben and Celeste said...

Weird, Ben and I just made a blog yesterday and then I get your email just today to see yours!

Except, yours is WAY more enjoyable than anything I have/probably ever will post. I love that it's a food journal. And the pictures definitely do justice to how incredible the food tasted.

I think Jason's idea could fly: "Coming up next, chefs' favorite, Leave It to Lill."

- Celeste