Saturday, February 13, 2010

"qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

Apparently that's a quote from Marie Anoinette saying "Let them have brioche".

I've been so into baking these days, thanks to my Christmas gift from my in-laws, and I finally ventured out of the standard boule recipe and made brioche this morning. And it was heaven. There was a huge crack down the middle that I'm planning on working on, but other than that, it was PERFECT! And so simple! Who knew such a rich, decadent bread could be so easy? Seriously, people, you need to go out and get this book!

If you've never had brioche, go out to a fancy bakery and buy some. And then come home and try to recreate it with this recipe. You won't be disappointed. These people are geniuses!
I know it looks like a lemon pound cake or something in this picture, but the flavors are so much more complex than that! And it's not cakey. Ahhhh, brioche! I just want to squeal knowing I can have brioche almost whenever I want now.

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